Module 11 - A313a - Understanding User Needs for ESS Systems Based on NTCIP 1204 v03 Standard
Webinar Chat Transcript

Date: October 25, 2011, 2:00-3:30 p.m. ET

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Learning Assessment 1: What is the purpose of the Systems Engineering Process?

Easier for use, test and specify
To make sure that user needs are met and traceable through design and testing.
To align objectives with designs

Learning Assessment 2: What is the purpose of the Concept of Operations?

Focus on system and its uses
To define a share vision of the system between stakeholders
Identify roles and responsibilities
High level consensus of methods to employ
To define system and how it will function

Learning Assessment 3: Considering what we just learned, please look for other User Needs with the Conformance column value of “O.2” and list the six.

Wind/Temp/surface etc.

Learning Assessment 4: DOT wants to deploy 3 ESS stations to supplement weather data from TV and radio available at the TMC. Each ESS is to include wind, temperature, surface, fog, and subsurface sensors and to report data back to TMC. List at least 2 User Needs that are applicable.
2 User Needs that are applicable,,

Learning Assessment 5: Assume you are procuring a stationary ESS system that monitors the conditions of the roadway pavement. Which user need is mandatory for this RFP? Monitor Door Status, Monitor Pavement Surface Condition, Monitor Subsurface Conditions and Retrieve the Device Identity.

Monitor pavement surface condition,