Module 16 - A321b - Specifying Requirements for Traffic Management Systems Based on TMDD v3.0 Standard
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Date: November 10, 2011, 12:00-1:45 p.m. ET

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Learning Assessment 1: What determines requirements for a system interface project?

User needs
User requirements, which flow from business requirements
User needs

Learning Assessment 2: What Are the Key Functions of a Project RTM?

Link requirements to data concepts.
Verify that system objectives are being met.
Make sure every need has a matching requirement and no requirements are inserted without a need (scope creep).

Learning Assessment 3: Summarize Conditions for Interoperability

Based on same standard
Users should use same language
All systems use same standards and language

Q: Agency A uses ASN and agency B uses XML, how is this resolved?
If one agency uses ASN.1, and other one has XML on the other hand, the quick answer is that it's not available, they will not be able to exchange information. On the other hand, someone will say, well, what if we design a converter, you know, it's possible that system interfaces are actually data and messages type of entities, so chances are good that you can probably develop a converter. But again, it becomes a complex process, and you may not gain the interoperability that you're looking for. So that is work that you have to do, investigate, and it's probably not recommended to have two different setups and still try to get interoperability.

I think you did a great job covering the topic.
Thank you, great training!
Thank you, it was a great talk!