Security Cameras/Systems:
Rail Transit
December 2007

Technology Overview

Use Security Cameras to:
  • Monitor safety and security on vehicles.
  • Provide incident response in conjunction with other technologies.
  • Combat fare evasion and fraudulent claims.

All modes of public transportation systems, whether urban or rural, bus, rail, or ferry, can benefit from a comprehensive security system. Security cameras can be used on both small and large transit systems to monitor the safety and security of passengers, employees, equipment, and materials. They can also track the operating status of systems, alerting officials to possible delays or closures. They can also warn officials of possible intentional acts of crime or violence. Agencies can choose between analog and digital technology. Analog technology can be less expensive, recording at 5 to 20 frames per second. Digital technology records at over 30 frames per second and can be paired with many other technologies, including Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and remote monitoring.

image of supervision of passenger safety
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