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What are ITS Standards?

ITS standards are open and non-proprietary communications interface standards. They define how devices interconnect and exchange data to support the delivery of ITS services across a multi-modal transportation network. The U.S. Department of Transportation's ITS Standards Program has teamed with public highway and transit agencies, and with standards development organizations, to develop nearly 100 standards for use in ITS implementations.

Why Offer ITS Standards Training?

The U.S DOT encourages agencies to incorporate ITS standards into upgrades and enhancements of existing systems, as well as into new systems. Among other benefits, the use of adopted standards has the potential of reducing life cycle costs. There is no requirement, however, to retrofit or scrap existing systems.

Available ITS Standards Training and Resources

In addition to ITS transit standards modules, the USDOT's ITS Standards Program offers a list of standards-related training and resources.

PDH Policy

A link to an online feedback form is available at the end of each module. Submit the feedback form and administrators will email you a confirmation. The confirmation lists the module title, date you completed the module, length, and a description of the training module. It also displays your responses to the feedback questions. Submit the confirmation to your licensing agency. Upon its consent, the licensing agency will proceed with the PDH awarding process.

Note: The ITS PCB Program cannot submit the email confirmation to a licensing agency on your behalf. The determination of the module's PDH eligibility, and the number of PDH's awarded, is the province of the licensing agency.


For more information, contact:

Michelle Noch
ITS Professional Capacity Building Program Manager
ITS Joint Program Office
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology (OST-R)
U.S. Department of Transportation



Get technical support

Technical Assistance is available to Federal, State and local transportation agencies through:

ITS Peer Program - The ITS Peer-to-Peer Program puts you in touch with technical experts or experienced peers.
ITS Help Line - The ITS Help Line provides technical support by email or telephone at 866-367-7487.


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