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ITS Peer Program Application

This application is the first step in determining the type of assistance the ITS Peer Program may be able to provide. If you have questions about the application, please contact David Jackson at 617-494-2860 or

Indicates a Required Field.

What ITS learning objectives do you hope to achieve by meeting with an ITS peer expert?

Read the Peer-to-Peer Program Guidelines, including the section about travel costs, and then click Submit.
By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the ITS Peer-to-Peer Program Guidelines.


For more information, contact:

Michelle Noch
ITS Professional Capacity Building Program Manager
ITS Joint Program Office
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology (OST-R)
U.S. Department of Transportation


Get technical support

Technical Assistance is available to Federal, State and local transportation agencies through:

ITS Peer Program - The ITS Peer-to-Peer Program puts you in touch with technical experts or experienced peers.
ITS Help Line - The ITS Help Line provides technical support by email or telephone at 866-367-7487.


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