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ITS Public Data Hub

This is an image of the ITS Public Data Hub search page, where users can start their search ITS data.  There is a search bar underneath text that says 'Explore Our Data'. There is a menu bar at the top of the page with the options to go to: (1) ITS JPO Home; (2) Search, which is the page shown in the picture; (3) About, which provides answers to frequently asked questions; (4) Public Access, which provides information about the ITS JPO's Public Access and Data Retention Policy, currently in draft form; (5) Metrics, a dashboard that shows download and view statistics for data sets; and (6) Visualizations, which were some data visualizations created with data found on the ITS Public Data Hub.

The US DOT ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) is committed to providing timely access to public research data to support third-party research, evaluation, and application development. Data accessible through the ITS Public Data Hub is quality-checked, well-documented, and freely available to the public. The types of data that are stored in the ITS Public Data Hub include primary data generated directly by ITS research projects and derived data generated by evaluations of ITS research projects.

The ITS Public Data Hub utilizes shared services such as the National Transportation Library and to provide a single point of entry to discover USDOT’s publicly available ITS research data, including connected vehicle data. By providing access to these data, the USDOT aims to enable third-party research into the effectiveness of emerging ITS technologies, preliminary development of third-party applications, and harmonization of data across similar collections.

For more information on how to use the ITS Public Data Hub and find related resources, visit the “About” page. Examples of analysis that can be done with the data available on the ITS Public Data Hub can be found on the Visualization page. Information on providing data to the ITS Public Data Hub and how the ITS JPO retains data can be found on the Public Access page. (This content is no longer available.)

The ITS JPO Data Program welcomes questions, comments, and feedback via email at


Jonathan Walker, P.E., Ph.D.
Chief Policy, Architecture, and Knowledge Transfer, ITS Joint Program Office
U.S. Department of Transportation
(202) 366-2199

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