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FTA Associate Administrator Vincent Valdes introduces the ITS Standards Transit Training Modules. Click here.

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ITS Standards Transit Training Modules

The USDOT’s ITS Professional Capacity Building Program (PCB) provides this FREE 17-module training series on standards used in ITS transit deployments to the transit community. These modules were developed with partners in the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and with support from the American Public Transit Association (APTA). They give transportation professionals the skills to help them effectively utilize transit-applicable ITS standards to procure, install, test, and operate ITS technologies.

Also available is a 48-module series that discusses standards used mostly in ITS highway applications and includes crosscutting information about test cases, test plans, and requirements specification.

New! February 2017

To get started, click on the title of the module you would like to view. Register once and then view any module, any time. After you register, simply enter your email address to view additional modules. No need to register again!

DescriptionModule Title
MODULE 1 Introduction to ITS Transit Standards
MODULE 2 Transit Management Standards, Part 1 of 2
MODULE 3 Transit Communications Interface Profiles (TCIP), Part 1 of 2: Introduction to the Standard and Transit Architectures
MODULE 4 Transit Communications Interface Profiles (TCIP), Part 2 of 2: Structure and Elements of TCIP—Accessing TCIP via TIRCE and TCIP Tools
MODULE 5 Transit Management Standards, Part 2 of 2
MODULE 6 Traveler Information, Part 1 of 2
MODULE 7 Traveler Information, Part 2 of 2
MODULE 8 Arterial Management and Transit Signal Priority: Understanding User Needs for Signal Control Priority (SCP) Based on NTCIP 1211 Standard, Part 1 of 2
MODULE 9 Arterial Management and Transit Signal Priority: Specifying Requirements for Signal Control Priority (SCP) Based on NTCIP 1211 Standard, Part 2 of 2
MODULE 10 Electronic Fare Payment Systems
MODULE 11 Transit and the Connected Vehicle Environment/Emerging Technologies, Applications, and Future Platforms
MODULE 12 Electronic Fare Payment/Advanced Payment Systems: Open Payments Acceptance
MODULE 13 An Introduction to Integrated Corridor Management (ICM)
MODULE 14pt1 Applying General Transit Feed Specifications (GTFS) to Your Agency
MODULE 14pt2 Applying GTFS-realtime to Your Agency
MODULE 15 Emerging Evacuation Standards of Communication/Incident Management (ISO 19083)
MODULE 16 Introduction to Transit Enterprise Architecture and Its Benefits for Transit