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RCTOs in Action: Portland, Detroit, Tucson, and Hampton Roads Discuss their Regional Concept for Transportation Operations (July 25, 2007)

A Regional Concept for Transportation Operations (RCTO): A Blueprint for Action

Presenter:   Wayne Berman
Presenter's Org:   Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Operations
Presenter:   Harlan Miller
Presenter's Org:   Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Planning, Environment, and Realty

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Slide 1: Regional Concept for Transportation Operations (RCTO): A Blueprint for Action

  • Definition:
    A management tool to assist in planning and implementing management and operations strategies in a collaborative and sustained manner.
  • Guides agencies in thinking through what they would like to achieve within 3 to 5 years and how they want to get there.
  • Facilitates coordination with the transportation planning process.

Slide 2: Origins of an RCTO

  • Brings together elements from systems engineering and experience of successful collaborative partnerships.
  • Idea emerged from FHWA-FTA Linking Planning and Operations Working Group 2000-2001.
  • Supported in 2003 by special policy committee of TRB.

Slide 3: Elements of an RCTO

[This slide is of a four box flow chart displaying the elements of a regional concept for transportation operations. In the first box is motivation; the second, operations objective; the third, approach; and the fourth is broken into three sections, starting from the top they are: relationships and procedure, resource agreements, and physical improvements.]

Slide 4: Elements of an RCTO

[This slide shows a map of the continental United States with stars marking the locations of the regional concept for transportation operations (RCTO) demonstration sites. The sites are in: Portland, Oregon; Tucson, Arizona; Detroit, Michigan; and Hampton Roads, Virginia.]

Slide 5: For more information

Wayne Berman, FHWA, Office of Operations
Harlan Miller, FHWA, Office of Planning

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