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RCTOs in Action: Portland, Detroit, Tucson, and Hampton Roads Discuss their Regional Concept for Transportation Operations (July 25, 2007)

Portland, Oregon Pilot Project

Presenter:   Jonathan (Jon) Makler
Presenter's Org:   Metro (MPO in Portland, Oregon)

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Slide 1: Who sought the program?

Slide 2: Why?

Slide 3: Preliminary Decisions (Fall '05)

Slide 4: Project Management

Slide 5: Results: Traveler Information

Slide 6: A Second Wind (Fall' 06)

Slide 7: Results: Incident Management

Slide 8, 9, 10: Findings

Slide 11: MPO Engagement: Challenges

Slide 12: MPO Engagement: Solutions

Slide 13: Conclusion: Personal View

Slide 14: Thank you

For more information:

Jon Makler
City of Portland / Metro

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