T3 Webinar Presentation

Lessons Learned: Improving Reliability with Transit Signal Priority Systems -
King County Metro Transit and Los Angeles County MTA (January 22, 2008)

Presenter:   John Toone
Presenter's Org:   King County Metro

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Slide 1: Overview of King County Transit Signal Priority Program

Metro’s Countywide Signal Priority Program
T3 Webinar
January 22, 2008

Slide 2: Transit Signal Priority.Program Timeline.

Slide 3: System Requirements

[Photo of signal controller.]

Slide 4: King County TSP System

[Diagram of the King Country TSP system. Shows location of signal priority equipment installed around the intersection. Installed equipment consists of 1) antenna, 2) reader, 3) traffic signal controller, 4) lonworks to interface unit. Diagram shows bus with a transponder traveling through the intersection, activating the signal priority system.]

Slide 5: TSP Transponder "Tag"

128 bit packet:

[Photo of TSP transponder tag located on the outside of the bus. ]

Slide 6: TSP Reader

[Photos of RF antennas.]

Slide 7: TPR Generator

[Photos of traffic signal controllers.]

Slide 8: Current TSP Projects

[Map of King County that shows the location of current TSP projects.]

Slide 9: TSP Evaluation Findings

Average reduction in bus travel peak period: 5.5%
Average reduction in bus delay at signalized intersections: 25%
Reduction in buses with travel time >30 min: 40%

Slide 10: TSP Lessons Learned

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