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Shaking Hands: Building Effective Regional Relationships in the Deployment of ITS (March 4, 2008)

Presenter:   Lokesh Hebbani
Presenter's Org:   FHWA Georgia Division Office

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T3 Webinars are brought to you by the ITS Professional Capacity Building Program (ITS PCB) at the U.S. Department of Transportation's (USDOT) ITS Joint Program Office, Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)

Slide 1: Approaches for Building Effective Regional Relationships in the Deployment of ITS

Talking Technology and Transportation (T3) Webinar
March 4, 2008

Slide 2: Today’s Host

Lokesh Hebbani, M.E., M.S., MBA

Traffic Management and ITS Engineer
FHWA Georgia Division Office

Slide 3: History

  • Region for NaviGAtor, Georgia’s ITS system, in need of expansion
  • Recognition that tying in new municipalities can involve multiple considerations

Slide 4: History, cont’d

  • Looked to Houston TranStar via ITS Peer-to-Peer Program for information on how to deal with these issues
  • For more information about ITS Peer-to-Peer, go to www.pcb.its.dot.gov

Slide 5: Focus of This Webinar

  • Approaches for building regional consensus on ITS deployment
  • Insight into centralized vs decentralized ITS management and operations
  • Background on software implementation approaches that support decentralized ITS M&O

Slide 5: Today’s Presenters

Mark Demidovich, P.E.
Asst. State Traffic Engineer
Georgia Dept. of Transportation

John Whaley, P.E.
Director - Houston TranStar

James Gray, P.E.
Principal Engineer – GCA Inc.

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