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Is that Spot Taken?: Real-Time Transit Parking Information Helps Manage Corridors (October 21, 2008)

Automated Parking Information System Operational Test

Presenter:   Michael Kinney
Presenter's Org:   Maryland Department of Transportation

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Slide 1:  Montgomery County, Maryland Advanced Transportation Management System

Automated Parking Information System Operational Test

By Michael Kinney ATMS Engineer Montgomery County, Maryland DOT

Slide 2:  Montgomery County Maryland ATMS

  • Managing transportation systems for over 25 years
  • Integrated transit and traffic operations
  • Leader in traveler information dissemination

Slide 3:  Traveler Information

  • Existing
    • Travelerís advisory radio
    • Cable TV channel
    • Real-time information on ATMS website
    • Dynamic transit schedule signs
  • Operational Test
    • Dynamic parking information

Slide 4:  Partners

  • Montgomery County Department of Transportation
  • Montgomery County RIDE-ON
  • Federal Transit Administration
  • Siemens ITS
  • RGA
  • Street Smarts
  • SAIC

Slide 5:  Operational Test Concept

[A photo appears of a dynamic message sign displaying parking information for Glenmont Parking facility.]

  • Monitor parking availability at Metro Station
  • Advise commuters at key decision points
  • Reduce congestion
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Slide 6:  Test Site

[This slide contains two pictures of a Glenmont parking static sign and a picture of the parking facility.]

  • Glenmont Metro Parking Facility
    • Terminus for Metro Red Line
    • 1,781 Spaces
    • Filled between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM
    • Peak Hour 6:45 AM to 7:45 AM

Slide 7:  Alternatives

[A picture of the Metrorail street map appears.]

  • From the north
    • >40% of garage traffic
    • Norbeck Park & Ride
    • RIDE-ON Bus
  • From the east
    • 34% of garage traffic
    • Wheaton Metro

Slide 8:  Norbeck P&R

[A map that displays the distance between the Norbeck Park and Ride facility and the Glenmont Metro Station appears.]

  • RIDE-ON Route 51
  • Metrobus Route Y5
  • 16 minutes P&R to Glenmont
  • Peak Hour Service
    • 5:49 AM to 10:03 AM
    • 3:57 PM to 7:51 PM

Slide 9:  Messages

[This slide contains two pictures of a dynamic message sign that displays parking information for the Norbeck Park and Ride facility and a static message signs that display directions to Glenmont Station.]

  • Static
    • Glenmont Parking Information
  • Dynamic — North
    • Garage Full
    • Use P&R Lot
  • Dynamic — East
    • Garage Full
    • Use Wheaton

Slide 10:  Challenges

[A picture taken from a video detector displaying a car approaching a cross walk appears.]

  • Detection
    • Lack of agreement w/WMATA to share existing detector data
    • Could not place detectors on site
  • Solution — Video detectors aimed at entrance

Slide 11:  Is the Garage Full?

[Two pictures appear: One picture displays parking signs posted at a parking facility. The second picture displays reversible driving lanes at the entrance and exit of a parking facility.]

  • Reversible lane at 3 of 4 entrances
  • 280 Reserved spaces
  • 50 ADA spaces

Slide 12:  Where Are We Now?

[A picture of an NTCIP Controller appears.]

  • System in operation for over two years
  • Manual "spot" observations made to assure system reliability
  • Field surveys before and after deployment are complete
  • Final report drafted, havenít finished ADA version of report
  • Initial findings have not shown significant modification driver behavior change

Slide 13:  Contact Information

Michael Kinney
ATMS Engineer
Montgomery County DOT
Email: michael.kinney@montgomerycountymd.gov
Phone: 240-777-8760

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