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Is that Spot Taken?: Real-Time Transit Parking Information Helps Manage Corridors (October 21, 2008)

Metra Parking Management Guidance System (PMGS)

Presenter:   Gerry J. Tumbali
Presenter's Org:   Chicago Regional Transportation Authority

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Slide 1:  Metra Parking Management Guidance System (PMGS)

Slide 2:  RTA Background

[A picture of the RTA rail to rail map appears.]

Slide 3:  PMGS Description

[A picture of a dynamic message sign that describes the availability of parking spaces at the Metra parking facility appears.]

Slide 4:  PMGS Goals

Slide 5:  Participating Entities

Slide 6:  PMGS History

[This slide contains four pictures of the historical aspects of the PMGS' site selection (a snowy road), system design (component mapping), installation (bulldozer at work), and operation (car at an intersection with a dynamic message sign in the background.]

Slide 7:  Site Selection: PMGS Demo Corridor

[A map of the site selection along the PMGS demo corridor appears.]

Slide 8:  (No title)

[A map of eight dynamic message signs in various locations throughout the Metra parking system appears.]

Slide 9:  Design: System Configuration

[A diagram of the flow of information from the vehicle detectors to the field processor to the dynamic message signs appears.]

Slide 10:  Technical Lessons Learned

[A photo of two traffic lanes with orange dividers appears.]

Slide 11:  Contact Information

Gerry J. Tumbali
312-913 - 3251

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