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Virtual Intersections: Using Simulated Traffic Signals in Mobile Signal Timing (MOST) Training (April 15, 2009)

Webinar Overview


  • Overview of MOST, A Hands on Approach to Signal Timing Training: (Kyte)
    PDF (1.14 MB)         PowerPoint (7.0 MB)         HTML
  • Demonstration of Experiments Relating to Isolated Intersections (Labs 2 through 5): (Kyte)
    PDF (925 KB)           PowerPoint (2.6 MB)        HTML
  • The Future of Software-in-the-Loop Simulation Training and Research: (Urbanik)
    PDF (864 KB)           PowerPoint (5.9 MB)        HTML
    Additional Media Files:
    Simulation 1             Simulation 2                    Simulation 3
  • Demonstration of Experiments Coordinated Signal Systems (Labs 6 through 7): (Bullock)
    PDF (1.13 MB)         PowerPoint (5.2 MB)        HTML


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