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Virtual Intersections: Using Simulated Traffic Signals in Mobile Signal Timing (MOST) Training (April 15, 2009)

The Future of Software-in-the-Loop Simulation Training and Research

Presenter:   Tom Urbanik
Presenter's Org:   The University of Tennessee

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Slide 1:  The Future of Software-in-the-Loop Simulation Training and Research

Tom Urbanik
The University of Tennessee

Slide 2:  Traffic Signal Objectives

Slide 3:  System Based Priority Control

Slide 4:  In The Old Days ...

[There is a picture of traffic control hardware located on a telephone pole.]

Slide 5:  Today ...

[There are three pictures. One picture shows people in the field observing a traffic control mechanism. The other pictures are of the hardware of traffic control mechanisms.]

Slide 6:  So What?

Slide 7:  So What (II)?

Slide 8:  What Have We Learned From MOST?

[Screen shot of an example of Mobile Signal Timing Training displaying a traffic simulation using ASC/3. The screenshot includes two separate side by side windows, and the status screens of the ASC/3 controllers, from two separate simulations.]

Slide 9:  What’s Left to be Done?

[One map of the U.S. indicating the locations of labs, education, and training for traffic control signaling. The red stars indicate the locations.]

Slide 10:  The Future

Slide 11:  Questions?

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