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Go Ahead. Rain on My Parade: Best Practices for Developing an Integrated and Effective Road Weather Information System (RWIS) (October 13, 2009)

Presenter:   Mike Adams
Presenter's Org:   Wisconsin Department of Transportation

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T3 Webinars are brought to you by the ITS Professional Capacity Building Program (ITS PCB) at the U.S. Department of Transportation's (USDOT) ITS Joint Program Office, Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)

Slide 1:  RWIS Technical Assistance

Mike Adams
Weather Management Solutions, LLC
Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Slide 2:  What's Available?

  • ITS Peer-to-Peer Program
  • Aurora Pooled Fund
  • Other FHWA Resources

Slide 3:  U.S. DOT's ITS Peer-to-Peer Program

  • Sponsored by the ITS Professional Capacity Building Program at the U.S DOT's ITS Joint Program Office
  • Pays the travel expenses of public-sector practitioners starting ITS programs to meet with people/agencies more experienced in that ITS area
  • In Michigan, two people visited their Southwest District
  • Provides opportunity for "newbies" to learn from others' experiences (good and bad)
  • More information and eligibility: www.pcb.its.dot.gov

Slide 4:  Aurora

Mission: "to support cooperative research, evaluation, and deployment of advanced technologies that advance road weather monitoring and forecasting and to serve as an international advocate for expanded uses of these technologies."

Slide 5:  Member Agencies

Alaska DOT & PF
Illinois DOT
Indiana DOT
Iowa DOT
Michigan DOT
Minnesota DOT
Nevada DOT
New York DOT
North Dakota DOT
Ohio DOT
Ontario MOT
Pennsylvania DOT
Quebec MOT
Swedish NRA
Utah DOT
Virginia DOT
Wisconsin DOT

Slide 6:  Key Aurora Projects

  • Institutional Issues
  • Compilation of RWIS Specifications
    • Michigan DOT's specs can be found there
  • Sensor tests
  • And many more

Slide 7:  For More on Aurora


Slides 8–9:  ESS Siting Guidelines

[Slides contain screenshot of FHWA's Siting Guidelines for Road Weather Information System (RWIS), Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS).]

Available at

Slide 10:  Road Weather Resource Identification Tool

  • Developed in 2005
  • Updated in 2009
  • Contains over 950 resources

Available at:

Slide 11:  Contact Information

Michael Adams
Weather Management Solutions, LLC
Wisconsin Department of Transportation

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