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Go Ahead. Rain on My Parade: Best Practices for Developing an Integrated and Effective Road Weather Information System (RWIS) (October 13, 2009)

Presenter:   Dave Van Stensel
Presenter's Org:   Michigan Department of Transportation

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Slide 1:  RWIS Scope of Work

Dave Van Stensel, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation

Slide 2:  Research

[This slide contains a picture of a screenshot of software that the Colorado Department of Transportation uses to make decisions about the maintenance of their RWIS.]

Slide 3:  Synthesize

Slide 4:  Concept of Operations

[This slide shows the V Model. The V Model resembles the letter "V" with the addition of two wings extending from the top left and right of the V. The V is divided into 14 steps, beginning on the top left wing and ending at the right wing. The steps are in sequence and extend down the left side of the V, to the bottom of the V, and up the right side of the V. The steps, from left to right are:

Slide 5:  Assessing Needs

Slide 6:  Integration

[This slide contains two maps. The map on the bottom shows the locations of where there is a critical need for RWISs in Michigan. The top map shows the location of the existing weather stations or weather collecting sites from other agencies. This map demonstrates where collocating equipment is possible.]

Slide 7:  Contact Information

Dave Van Stensel, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation

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