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Your Smart Phone is Getting Smarter: Leveraging Open Fare Payment Systems and Mobile Devices (June 29, 2011)

Webinar Overview


  • Open Payments, Mobile Payments, and PIV Acceptance – The Emergence of Open Payment Fare Systems Part 2 (Weisenberger)
    PowerPoint (556 kB)         PDF (159 kB)         HTML
  • Open Payment Systems in Public Transit (Wilhelm)
    PowerPoint (1.7 MB)         PDF (1.06 MB)       HTML
  • The Future of NFC Mobile Payments – Transit Payments Markets Migration to NFC Mobile Payments (Vanderhoof)
    PowerPoint (2.8 MB)         PDF (749 kB)         HTML
  • Use of Identity Credentials in Public Transit Fare Payment Systems (Garback)
    PowerPoint (579 kB)         PDF (226 kB)         HTML


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