T3 Webinar Overview

Leveraging Big Data for Transportation Improvement: Gaps and Opportunities

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Date:   May 17, 2012
Time:  1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
Cost:  All T3 webinars are free of charge
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This is the second of two ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) webinars focusing on topics of interest to University Transportation Centers.
The first webinar, What is the Connected Vehicle Research Program? Status and Span, took place on May 1, 2012.

The U.S. Department of Transportation ITS Joint Program Office would like to invite members of the University Transportation Center community to share insights and perspectives on current and future transportation trends and opportunities. Please join us for the following webinars to participate in discussions about existing connected vehicle research programs and share your perspective on the implications and uses of the abundance of data available to travelers and state and local governments.


Increasingly, data is driving users' transportation decisions. Public agencies are making their data openly available, allowing developers to create software that travelers use to navigate more effectively. At the same time, transportation data is flowing from users to private companies who provide real-time information through internet-based applications.

Target Audience

Member of University Transportation Centers

Learning Objectives

In the presence of this “big data,” what is the future of modeling, traffic and performance management, trip generation and traveler information? User data can describe transportation system performance much more richly than the data collection infrastructure now used by traffic management centers, suggesting the possibility that user data could dramatically improve traffic management practices. Untapped potential may exist for user-derived data to guide agency decisions. This presentation will explore the trends, challenges, and opportunities in bringing the power of user data to the public agencies that manage highway operations.


Shelley Row, Director, ITS Joint Program Office
James Pol, Team Lead, Program Management and Evaluation, ITS Joint Program Office