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Using ITS to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Program (October 30, 2013)

Leveraging Technology & ITS to Enhance Traffic Incident Management

Presenter:   Rick Via
Presenter's Org:   Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

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T3 Webinars are brought to you by the ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB) Program at the U.S. Department of Transportation's (USDOT) ITS Joint Program Office, Research and Innovative Technology Administration.

Many of the slides in this presentation contain a graphic of the VDOT logo.

Slide 1:  Leveraging Technology & ITS to Enhance Traffic Incident Management

Virginia Department of Transportation
Rick Via
Statewide Incident Management
Program Manager
Office: 804-371-2396

Webinar - October 30th, 2013

Slide 2:  VDOT's Operations Program

[This slide contains four photographs on the right side. The first is an aerial photograph of a major freeway exchange in Virginia. The second photograph is of a maintenance truck traveling along a roadway. The third photograph is of cars traveling along a roadway. The fourth photograph shows a maintenance vehicle parked in the breakdown lane while the maintenance crew provides service to a motorist whose car is in a ditch on the side of the roadway.]

Slide 3:  Transportation Operations Centers (TOCs)

[This slide contains a photograph of the McConnell Public Safety Transportation Operations Center in Fairfax, VA.]

Slide 4:  VDOT's Statewide Operations Program Operations Statistics

  Incidents* Weather Events* Planned Events* (Scheduled)
Total 80,332 210 Parent Events with 1,540 Jurisdiction Sub Events 83,046

* Source: VA Traffic, 2012

Slide 5:  TOC Components

Total 876 544 62 24 1,235

Five Regions and TOCs:

[This slide contains photographs of components used by TOCs and a map of Virgina. The map highlights the five regions and TOCs, which are: Northern (Fairfax), Eastern (VA Beach), Central (Richmond), Northwest (Staunton), and Southwest (Salem). The components are: Cameras, Message Signs, Portable Message signs, Weather Stations, Shoulder/Lane control, Traffic Detectors, Ramp Meters, HOV Gates, Over height Detection, and Highway Advisory Radio.]

Slide 6:  TOC Integrated ITS Devices

[This slide shows an example of an operator's typical computer screen with two images. The image on the left is a map of an assigned region along Virginia's I-81 corridor. Icons represent available ITS devices within a particular area. The image on the right is a screenshot of a workstation video wall. The video wall displays six live camera shots from Virginia roadways. Operators have the ability to change image views, pan, tilt, zoom and establish tours.]

Slide 7:  CAD – Computer Aided Dispatch *Virginia State Police (VSP; 7 Divisions)
PSAP – Public Safety Answering Point Integration

(20) Localities; Hampton Roads, Northern VA, Shenandoah Valley

[This slide contains a screenshot of a Traffic Operations Center (TOC) operator's workstation.]

Slide 8:  Weather Management – Support Services via Meridian

Forecast published at 2009-04-13 11:46 EDT.
Scattered light rain-showers will continue to slowly spread northeastward across the state this afternoon with more widespread rain and thunderstorms developing over the southwest by mid-afternoon. Activity over the southwest will then spread eastward across the state throughout the remainder of the afternoon through tonight as an area of low pressure pushes east across the region. Areas of heavy rain will be possible for portions of the south and east, especially this evening and during the overnight hours and into Tuesday morning. Another disturbance will move into the west by late overnight Monday, bringing additional rain across the state Tuesday.

Accomack County
Albermarle County
Alleghany County
Amelia County
Cumberland County
Dickenson County
Diawiddie County
Essex County
King William County
King and Queen County
Lancaster County
Lee County
Pulaski County
Rappahannock County
Richmond County
Roanoke County

[This slide contains two images, a photograph on the left and a computer screenshot on the right. The photograph is of a man outdoors, pointing to the height of a snowbank, which is approximately a foot taller than he is. The screenshot is of VDOT's Web-based Maintenance Weather and Pavement Forecasting Services via Meridian; it demonstrates precipitation start-times across a map of VA on April 14 at 12 P.M.]

Slide 9:  Safety Service Patrol (SSP) – Piloting Integrated Streaming Video

50 patrol routes total covering 503 miles of Interstate

Automatic Vehicle Location

SSP Operations will be monitored via a web based application.

Axis Q1604 Mega Pixel 2.8-8mm using (Airlink MP890) modem

[This slide contains three photographs. The left and top right photographs are screenshots from streaming video of a Virginia roadway. The right photograph is of a camera and camera equipment in an open case.]

Slide 10:  Tableau: Visual Analytics

District Detection Source FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014
Bristol ITS Devices 1,156 1,294 872 1,035 1,380 414
SSP 2     59 1,322 361
Culpeper ITS Devices 378 561 632 733 827 258
SSP 65 3   104 625 203
Fredericksburg ITS Devices 3,095 4,506 3,981 3,928 4,497 1,715
SSP 1,922 662 17 1,090 2,795 567
Hampton Roads ITS Devices 10,400 14,743 15,333 13,633 14,033 4,084
SSP 494 411 548 627 2,132 678
Lynchburg ITS Devices 909 954 758 895 897 223
SSP 1         4
Northern Virginia ITS Devices 9,738 14,341 16,702 20,413 23,335 7,266
SSP 371 493 953 5,459 11,431 1,701
Richmond ITS Devices 2,258 3,133 4,080 4,395 4,631 2,032
SSP 106 5   30 40 849
Salem ITS Devices 1,817 1,952 1,620 2,210 2,840 906
SSP 25   1 264 2,517 824
Staunton ITS Devices 883 1,336 1,871 2,573 2,630 776
SSP 31 1 29 213 2,163 855

[This slide contains a screenshot of a line graph and a table from VDOT's use of Tableau Desktop. The table is recreated above and helps evaluate incident detections from FY 2009 through FY 2014 using ITS devices vs Safety Service Patrol in VA. The line graph displays the percentage of interstate events by duration from July 2011 to 2013. The vertical/y-axis is labeled % of total number of events by duration and the horizontal/x-axis is labeled with time from July 2011 through July 2013. An orange line plots incidents that were cleared in more than 30 minutes. The blue line plots incidents that were cleared in less than 30 minutes. The graphic shows that the number of incidents cleared in less than 30 minutes increased while those cleared in more than 30 minutes decreased.]

Slide 11:  Transportation Video & Data (TVD) Services VDOT's 511 Program


Slide 12:  VDOT's New 511 Service – Key Features

511 Phone Service (IVR)
  • New voice recognition engine
  • Directional recognition
  • Travel times
511 Website & Mobile App
  • Live streaming video (15 frames/sec)
  • Mobile app with live traffic information
  • Travel times
Video/Data Sharing
  • Free video access through web service
  • Includes attribution to VDOT
  • Operations data publicly available
  • Sponsorship acknowledgements will be added to 511 signs and Safety Service Patrol (SSP) Vehicles

Slide 13:  VDOT's New 511 Service

[This slide contains a screenshot of VDOT's 511 online system, which is displaying real-time traffic speeds for major routes in Virginia. A map of Virginia shows the locations of the real-time traffic speeds.]

Slide 14:  VDOT's New 511 Service

[This slide contains a screenshot of VDOT's 511 online system, which is displaying an incident and work zone information list for various corridors in Virginia. A map of Virgina shows the information.]

Slide 15:  VDOT's New 511 Service

[This slide contains a screenshot of VDOT's 511 online system, which is displaying the locations and text of active dynamic message signs (DMS) in Virgina. A map of Virginia shows the locations of the DMS.]

Slide 16:  VDOT's New 511 Service

[This slide contains a screenshot of VDOT's 511 online system, which is displaying the locations of VDOT's cameras on a map of Virginia. The screenshot has an inset that shows a streaming video of a section of roadway along I-95 in Virginia.]

Slide 17:  511 Mobile App – New Feature for VDOT

[This slide contains images of four screens from the VDOT 511 mobile app displayed on black smartphones. The first phone displays the app's home screen, the second phone displays a list of travel times along I-95, the third phone displays a map of the local area's roadways, and the fourth phone displays the app's Twitter feeds.]

Slide 18:  Transportation Operations Centers (TOCs) and Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) Services

Statewide TOC/ATMS Procurement

Slide 19:  Major Project Objectives

[This slide contains four photographs on the right: a camera atop a pole, a DMS that is displaying “Travel Info Dial 511,” another ITS device to assist with TIM, and a tall pole with a box of electronics at the base.]

Slide 20:  Project Scope and Approach

[This slide contains three photographs: a TOC in VA, three ITS Field Maintenance workers on a truck, and a Safety Service Patrol worker alongside his VDOT truck.]

Slide 21:  Questions, Comments!

Rick Via
Statewide Incident Management
Program Manager
Office: 804-371-2396

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