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Innovative Approaches to Real-Time System Management Information
(May 21, 2014)

Presenter:   Karen Gilbertson
Presenter's Org:   Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Kansas Division Office

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Slide 1:  Innovative Approaches to Real-Time System Management Information

Karen Gilbertson
ITS/Traffic Operations Engineer
FHWA Kansas Division Office
May 21, 2014

[This slide contains a photograph of Karen Gilbertson.]

Slide 2:  Kansas and the Real Time Rule

[This slide contains a map of Kansas marked with state highways and US Routes. There are 874 miles of Interstate Highway. From Kansas City on the east, I-35 extends southwest to Wichita and then south into Oklahoma. I-70 extends from Kansas City across the state and into the neighboring states of Colorado and Missouri.]

Slide 3:  Characteristics of KDOT

Slide 4:  Process Used in Kansas

Slide 5:  Benefits, Values, Lessons Learned

Slide 6:  Second Phase - 11/08/16

Routes of Significance

Slide 7:  4 Cs

[This slide contains a Venn Diagram of four circles, one for each of the 4 Cs: Collection, Collaboration, Checking, and Consistency. Each circle overlaps the other three and in the center they all overlap.]

Slide 8:  Finding the Nuggets!

Slide 9:  The Last Dust Bunnies!

What are the thorny issues that remain?

Slide 10:  Added Thoughts…

Slide 11:  Conclusions

Slide 12:  Remember Who Benefits

The Traveling Public

Slide 13:  Contact Information

Karen Gilbertson, P.E.
ITS/Traffic Operations Engineer
(785) 271-2448 ext. 209

Slide 14:  Poll Question #4

How aggressive/proactive is your state in pursuing compliance with the 1201 regulation?