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Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Performance Measures
(June 12, 2014)

Arizona Department of Public Safety TIM Performance Measurements

Presenter:   Jeffrey King
Presenter's Org:   Office of Transportation Operations, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

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Slide 1:  Arizona Department of Public Safety (AzDPS) TIM Performance Measurements

What did we know? What did we do? What did we learn?

[This slide contains a photograph of a damaged Arizona Highway Patrol car on the side of the roadway. Other cars, including two other Highway Patrol cars and an emergency response vehicle, are in the vicinity of the damaged car.]

Slide 2:  First Responder Safety – Officer Safety

“To date, the Arizona DPS has lost 29 officers, 17 died in traffic crashes and 11 of those were involved in secondary crashes.”

[This slide contains five photographs of traffic accidents/incidents involving first responders in Arizona.]

Slide 3:  Additional Reasons for Adopting the TIM Program:

Slide 4:  Initial Impact of the Rollout

Oct - Dec 2010: 4,793

  • Non-Injury
    • Roadway Clearance: 45 min
    • Incident Clearance: 84 min
  • Injury
    • Roadway Clearance: 54 min
    • Incident Clearance: 94 min
  • Fatal
    • Roadway Clearance: 212 min
    • Incident Clearance: 214 min

April - June 2011: 4,366

  • Non-Injury
    • Roadway Clearance: 32 min (-28%)
    • Incident Clearance: 40 min (-51%)
  • Injury
    • Roadway Clearance: 46 min (-14%)
    • Incident Clearance: 58min (-37%)
  • Fatal
    • Roadway Clearance: 198 min (-6.78%)
    • Incident Clearance: 211 min (-1.68%)

Roll Call Training & New Policy

Slide 5:  TIM Performance Measurements On Crash Report

Slide 6:  “Time Blockage Reopened” Roadway Clearance Time

Slide 7:  “Incident” Clearance Time

Slide 8:  Secondary Crash?

Slide 9:  Secondary Crash? (cont.)

Slide 10:  Duration vs. Time of Occurrence

Slide 11:  Data Issues

Slide 12:  Data adjustments

Slide 13:  AzDPS TIM Program 2010-2013

Slide 14:  AzDPS Metro Crash Incident Clearance Times by Time Categories

[This slide contains a vertical bar graph that displays Arizona's Department of Public Safety's crash incident clearance times by time categories in 2011, 2012, and 2013. In 2011, there were 17,978 crashes. In 2012, there were 18,084 crashes. In 2013, there were 20,148 crashes. The clearance times categories range from less than 30 minutes to over 120 minutes. A majority of incidents were cleared in less than 30 minutes. Fewer incidents were cleared in more than 120 minutes.]

Slide 15:  Secondary Crashes Charts

[This slide contains two vertical bar graphs that displays Arizona's Department of Public Safety's secondary crashes in 20111, 2012, and 2013. One graph displays the percentages of secondary crashes after crashes and after incidents, involving a first responder. The second graph displays the percentages of secondary crashes after crashes and after incidents involving non-responders. The second graph shows much higher percentages in each category in each year.]

Slide 16:  Collecting the Data

Slide 17:  For additional information

Jeffrey A. King (Retired AzDPS)
Traffic Incident Management Public Safety Liaison
Federal Highway Administration
Office of Transportation Operations

[This slide contains two logos: U.S. DOT FHWA and Transportation and Public Safety.]

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