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Guidance Tool for Implementation of Traffic Incident Management Performance Measures (NCHRP 07-20)
(December 16, 2014)

Guidance for Implementing TIM Performance Measures

Presenter:   Eric Rensel
Presenter's Org:   Gannett Fleming, Inc.

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All the slides in this presentation include the TIM network logo.

Slide 1:  T3 Webinar - Guidance for Implementing TIM Performance Measures

[This slide's background consists of two photographs: (1) emergency responders, emergency vehicles, and a helicopter at an incident site; and (2) emergency responders in an office with many workstations and a projection wall displaying data, documents, and a television news feed. This slide also includes a row of red circular icons: a ringing telephone, the Star of Life, a fire department insignia, a microphone, a police badge, a traffic cone, a tow truck, and the U.S. DOT triskelion.]

Slide 2:  About the TIM Network

[This slide contains the following logos: Facebook, the TIMNetwork.org, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Flickr.]

Slide 3:  TIM Network Activities

Slide 4:  Knowledge Management System

[This slide contains a screenshot of the TIM Network's Knowledge Management System website.]

Slide 5: 

[This slide contains a flowchart of the SHRP2 L17's “Capstone” KTS integration plan, which shows the following components: AASHTO Guide to SO&M, RTSMO Products, Federal ITS/SO&M Database, NTOC, Federal Agencies (FHWA, JPO), ITS-JPO Strategic Workforce Plan, Nat'l Operations Academy, Corridor Coalitions, Regional Academies, ITE, ITS-America, AASHTO SSOM, AASHTO SHRP2 Implementation, SHRP2 Reliability Products, and the TIM Network and Knowledge Management System. This slide also contains the following logos: AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials): The Voice of Transportation, ITS America, and the Institute of Transportation Engineers.]

Slide 6:  Integration Plan

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