T3 Webinar Files

Using Crowdsourced Data from Social Media to Enhance TMC Operations
(March 11, 2015)

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  • State of the Practice (Horner)
    PowerPoint (363kB)              PDF (298kB)                  HTML
  • Case Study #1: Monitoring Social Media (Stolle)
    PowerPoint (369kB)              PDF (245kB)                  HTML
  • Case Study #2: Specialized Applications (Miller)
    PowerPoint (4.5 MB)             PDF (986kB)                  HTML
  • Case Study #3: Integrating Third Party Crowdsourced Data (Birriel)
    PowerPoint (986kB)              PDF (529kB)                  HTML
  • Case Study #4: Integrating Crowdsourced Data Mined From Social Media (Nune)
    PowerPoint (651kB)              PDF (260kB)                  HTML
  • SWOT Model and Value Proposition for Crowdsourced Data (Adler)
    PowerPoint (1.3 MB)             PDF (286kB)                  HTML


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