T3 Webinar Overview

Demonstrating the Benefits and Costs of ITS: Using the Enhanced Knowledge Resources for your Next ITS Project

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Date:   Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Time:  1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
Cost:  All T3 webinars are free of charge
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T3 Webinars are brought to you by the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Professional Capacity Building Program of the U.S. Department of Transportation's (U.S. DOT) ITS Joint Program Office (JPO). References in this webinar to any specific commercial products, processes, or services, or the use of any trade, firm, or corporation name is for the information and convenience of the public, and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the U.S. DOT.


Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) identifies Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as part of the solution to the Nation’s transportation needs and provides mechanisms for accelerating deployment of innovative technology. The ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) provides online ITS Knowledge Resources (http://www.itskrs.its.dot.gov) for informed decision making about ITS implementation and deployment. The major objectives on these online tools are to:

  • Capture ITS costs, benefits and lessons learned experiences of stakeholders in their planning, deployment, operations, maintenance, and evaluation of ITS.
  • Provide all ITS stakeholders with convenient access to costs, benefits and lessons learned knowledge so that they can make informed decisions in their future ITS actions.

This webinar will show new and current users how to navigate the ITS Knowledge Resources to answer common questions that arise in ITS project planning, procurement, and project selection. It will highlight the 2014 ITS Benefits, Costs and Lessons Learned Report and interactive fact sheets, and show how they can be used to provide information and graphics for project proposals and other reports. Case study examples will illustrate how the Knowledge Resources could be used by an agency to estimate benefits and costs of deployed ITS systems. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback about their experiences with the ITS Knowledge Resources.


Greg Hatcher will provide an overview of the ITS Knowledge Resources and talk about future webinars that will address other ITS Evaluation tools on the KR website.

Drennan Hicks will introduce the 2014 Benefit, Costs, and Lessons Learned Report and fact sheets. The fact sheets have been added to ITS Knowledge Resources to provide current information and graphics demonstrating the performance of deployed ITS. He will describe how you can use the fact sheets to support your latest ITS project proposals and documents.

Cheryl Lowrance will address new features of the Knowledge Resources and discuss new data from research on emerging technologies such as connected vehicles and Integrated Corridor Management. She will show how to navigate the website to address common questions arising in the ITS planning, procurement, and project selection process.

Liz Greer will discuss two sample case studies on ITS deployments and describe how the ITS Knowledge Resources were used to develop the data demonstrating the benefits and costs of these technologies.

Learning Objectives

Attendees of the webinar will expect to learn about:

  • Tools and techniques for practitioners to consider when analyzing ITS benefit and cost data.
  • How to use the ITS Knowledge Resources to obtain benefits, costs, and lessons learned to plan for future deployed ITS through a hands-on tutorial.
  • Real-world examples of the benefits, costs, and lessons learned from ITS implementation around the country.

Target Audiences

  • ITS program managers, analysts, procurement specialists, consultants, and researchers, from the public and private sector, including local, State, federal and DOTs.
  • Those wanting to learn more about the deployment and evaluation of ITS technologies.


Marcia Pincus, Program Manager, ITS Joint Program Office, U.S. Department of Transportation

photograph of Marcia Pincus

Marcia Pincus is currently the Program Manager, Environment (AERIS) and ITS Evaluation, for the ITS Joint Program Office at U.S. DOT. Marcia joined the ITS JPO over ten years ago, and has over 20 years of experience as an ITS research program manager and technology policy analyst in the public, private, and academic sectors.


Greg Hatcher, PMP, Senior Transportation Engineer, Noblis

photograph of Greg Hatcher

Greg Hatcher is a project manager and senior transportation engineer for Noblis in Washington, DC, with 24 years of ITS experience. Mr. Hatcher served as the project manager for the task that is the subject of this webinar, “Estimate Benefits of Crowdsourced Data from Social Media.” He currently provides technical and management services to the USDOT ITS program on tasks including the Evaluation Program and Integrated Corridor Management (ICM), and manages the team of analysts and developers responsible for operating, improving, and maintaining the ITS Benefits, Costs, and Lessons Learned Knowledge Resources for the ITS Joint Program Office.


Drennan Hicks, Transportation System Analyst, Noblis

photo of Drennan Hicks

Drennan Hicks is a transportation analyst specializing in transportation operations, ITS, standards, and performance management. He has conducted user needs definition, developed a Concept of Operations, and produced research findings for the U.S. DOT ITS Evaluation program, Applications for the Environment Real-Time Information Synthesis (AERIS) program and the Accessible Transportation Technology Research Initiative (ATTRI). He served as lead analyst on the 2014 ITS Benefits, Cost, and Lessons Learned fact sheets.

Cheryl Lowrance, P.E., PTOE, Principal ITS Engineer, Noblis

photo of Cheryl Lowrance

Cheryl Lowrance is a Principal ITS Engineer with Noblis. She has 31 years of experience in transportation management including project management, design, implementation, and operations of traffic signals and freeway surveillance systems. She is a subject matter expert in the use of ITS for safety, traffic management systems design, and operations and maintenance of ITS and traffic engineering technologies with extensive practical field experience at the state and local level. She currently supports the U.S. DOT ITS JPO, ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB) and the ITS Evaluation Programs.

Liz Greer, Consultant, Noblis

photo of Liz Greer

Liz Greer is a management consultant with 15 years of experience helping organizations improve their performance through the strategic application of technology. She currently supports the U.S.DOT ITS JPO, ITS PCB in developing connected vehicle training and the Accessible Transportation Technology Research Initiative (ATTRI) in developing user needs and requirements analysis. She also supports the ITS Evaluation Program in assessing the benefits, costs and lessons learned from deployed ITS.