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Next Generation Traveler Information System
(September 23, 2015)

Presenter:   Glenn Blackwelder
Presenter's Org:   Utah Department of Transportation

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Slide 1:  Next Generation Traveler Information System

Glenn Blackwelder, PE, PTOE, Traffic Operations Engineer
Utah Department of Transportation

Slide 2:  Next Generation Traveler Information

The Traveler's Perspective: Get from Point A to Point B

Pre-Trip Needs
  • Decide mode
  • Decide route
  • Decide departure time
  • Revise departure time, mode and route as needed
En Route Needs
  • Stay aware of travel time changes
  • Revise route as needed
  • Revise mode as needed
“Last Mile” Needs
  • Find parking
  • Navigate to final destination

  Emergency TMC Consumer
5 Presentation
  • User Interface
  • Hardward
  • User Interface
  • Hardward
  • User Interface
  • Hardward
Outsourced Chnl
  • User Interface
  • Hardward
4 Communications  
3 Data Analysis  
2 Data Aggregation  
1 Data Collection
Outsourced Data
(Infrastructure and Probe)