Webinar Files

Data and Connected Vehicle Support of Active Traffic Management Strategies
(October 31, 2016)

Webinar Replay


  • Lehman Center for Transportation Research (Hadi)
    PowerPoint (5.4 MB)                   PDF (1.2 MB)                   HTML
  • A Framework for Recommending Signal Timing Operations Based on Automatic Vehicle Matching Technologies (Chen)
    PowerPoint (3.0 MB)                   PDF (1.2 MB)                   HTML
  • Development of Warrants for Installation and Activation of Ramp Metering (Fartash)
    PowerPoint (1.6 MB)                   PDF (799kB)                    HTML
  • Estimating Back of Queue Location Based on Connected Vehicle Technologies (Khazraeian)
    PowerPoint (244kB)                   PDF (284kB)                    HTML
  • Estimating Connected Vehicle Market Penetration with the Consideration of Socioeconomic Characteristics of a Region (Iqbal)
    PowerPoint (401kB)                   PDF (402kB)                    HTML


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