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Are Autonomous Vehicles Safe? Understanding What’s Already Here and What Needs to Happen
(February 6, 2018)

Webinar Replay


  • Are Autonomous Vehicles “Safe?” (Favaro)
    PowerPoint (22.1 MB)                 PDF (633kB)                    HTML
  • AV Accident Analysis from CA DMV (Nadar)
    PowerPoint (10.0 MB)                 PDF (1.8 MB)                   HTML
  • The Problem of AV Disengagements (Eurich)
    PowerPoint (17.3 MB)                 PDF (852kB)                    HTML
  • The “Human” Problem: Reactions to Disengagements (Rizvi)
    PowerPoint (2.1 MB)                   PDF (239kB)                    HTML
  • Where are We Headed? (Favaro)
    PowerPoint (4.5 MB)                   PDF (1.1 MB)                    HTML


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