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Leveraging the State Crash Report to Improve Responder Safety & TIM:
Implementing Good Practices in Crash Form Updates & Use
(April 3, 2018)

Webinar Replay


  • Using Data to Improve Traffic Incident Management (Jodoin)
    PowerPoint (5.3 MB)                 PDF (2.2 MB)                    HTML
  • Crash Reporting Systems & TIM Data Elements (Carrick)
    PowerPoint (4.3 MB)                 PDF (1.5 MB)                    HTML
  • Traffic Incident Management Data Collection in Iowa (Lorenzen)
    PowerPoint (2.9 MB)                 PDF (840kB)                    HTML
  • Improve Traffic Incident Management by Changing the Culture of Law Enforcement Crash Data Analysis & Training (Pollack)
    PowerPoint (2.6 MB)                 PDF (1.3 MB)                    HTML


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