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Mobility on Demand (MOD) Webinar Series
MOD Webinar #6: Mobility Marketplace: Integration, Integration, Integration
(June 17, 2020)

Webinar Replay


  • Introduction to Mobility on Demand (MOD) (Sheehan)
    PowerPoint (3.2 MB)                   PDF (1.0 MB)                      HTML
  • MOD Marketplace ConOps Blueprint (Volpe)
    PowerPoint (6.4 MB)                   PDF (749kB)                       HTML
  • Multimodal and Accessible Travel Standards Assessment (MATSA) (Omay)
    PowerPoint (4.1 MB)                   PDF (652kB)                       HTML
  • DART’s MOD Project Overview (Mörch-Pierre)
    PowerPoint (4.4 MB)                   PDF (993kB)                       HTML
  • Wrap Up + Q&A (Sheehan)
    PowerPoint (1.1 MB)                   PDF (310kB)                       HTML


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