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T3 Webinar Overview

ARC-IT V9.0 Live Demo

Date: Thursday, April 8, 2021
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
Cost: All T3 webinars are free of charge.
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T3 and T3e Webinars are brought to you by the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Professional Capacity Building (PCB) Program of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) ITS Joint Program Office (JPO). References in this webinar to any specific commercial products, processes, or services, or the use of any trade, firm, or corporation name is for the information and convenience of the public, and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the USDOT.


The Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) provides a common framework for planning, defining, and integrating intelligent transportation systems (ITS). It reflects the contributions of a broad cross-section of the ITS community (transportation practitioners, systems engineers, system developers, technology specialists, consultants, etc.). All of the content of the Architecture is available on one website (

Join the USDOT and the Architecture team for a webinar to learn about recent updates that have been made to the reference architecture for version 9.0. The objective of this webinar is to familiarize attendees with the latest ARC-IT content so that they can apply the architecture and its toolset to develop, update, and maintain regional architectures as well as apply the ARC-IT concepts to support systems engineering efforts on ITS projects.

Kingsley Azubike, the Architecture, Standards, and Systems Engineering program manager at the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), will introduce the webinar and David Binkley will present the background of the architecture and its purposes. He will demonstrate how to access and use the latest website to learn about the architecture and its components and will also demonstrate new features of the two software tools that have been developed to apply the architecture to regions and projects: Regional Architecture Development for Intelligent Transportation (RAD-IT) and Systems Engineering Tool for Intelligent Transportation (SET-IT). The webinar will end with an online question and answer session.

Target Audience

The target audience includes:

  • Planning and engineering professionals with an interest in or responsibility for the support, development, use, and maintenance of the regional or statewide ITS architecture
  • Project developers and systems engineers responsible for designing and implementing ITS projects
  • Public and private sector representatives involved in ITS planning, implementation, and/or operations
  • State, local, Federal, and international government representatives involved in ITS planning, implementation and/or operations

Learning Objectives

Objectives of this webinar are that participants will:

  • Learn about ARC-IT, including its background, its components, and its application to regions and projects.
  • Have an opportunity to provide feedback on ARC-IT and its tools through direct feedback with the Architecture team.


Kingsley Azubike, PE, PTOE, Transportation Specialist, Office of Operations, FHWA Headquarters
Kingsley Azubike Mr. Azubike is a member of the Connected/Automated Vehicles & Emerging Technologies Team in the FHWA Office of Operations where he manages the Architecture, Standards, and Systems Engineering program. Prior to his current position, Kingsley was an ITS Specialist in the FHWA PA Division where he managed transportation systems and traffic operations programs. Kingsley holds a master of science in civil/transportation systems engineering from the University of Virginia.


David Binkley, Senior Systems Engineer, Iteris, Fairfax, VA
David Binkley Mr. Binkley is the Principal Investigator for the National ITS Architecture team. David has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of systems engineering for government and commercial projects. He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech.


Technical Assistance is available to Federal, State and local transportation agencies through:

ITS Peer Program - The ITS Peer-to-Peer Program puts you in touch with technical experts or experienced peers.

ITS Help Line - The ITS Help Line provides technical support by email or telephone at 866-367-7487.


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