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2016 ITS University Workshop

September 22-23, 2016

The goal of the University Partners Workshop series is to incorporate ITS education into university curriculum and learning programs. To achieve this goal, the ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) has organized a series of university workshops over the last several years. The proceedings from the fourth workshop are available below.

This fourth workshop focused on the current educational requirements for ITS professionals entering the workforce. Given the pace at which ITS technology is advancing, the workshop also looked at potential future needs of the workforce. Over the duration of the workshop:

  • Professional groups presented findings from workforce development surveys.
  • State DOT representatives involved in cutting-edge ITS initiatives gave their perspective on potential future needs.
  • The ITS JPO and partners updated participants on available ITS resources.
  • The workshop attendees worked together to collectively identify the current (and future) educational gap, brainstorming potential solutions and assigning action items to the ITS JPO and partners.

On top of these key discussion topics, the workshop also provided opportunities for ITS academics and practitioners to build cooperative partnerships within and outside of the ITS PCB program.

Workshop Proceedings

  • PDF (2.3MB)                                 HTML

Day 1 Presentations (September 22)

  • ITS America State Chapter Training Program (Alban)
    PowerPoint (39kB)                      PDF (67kB)                   HTML
  • ITS Workforce Study Project Overview (Shaw)
    PowerPoint (637kB)                    PDF (646kB)                 HTML
  • Workforce Development for the TSMO Community: An Emerging Strategic Direction (Son)
    PowerPoint (8.3 MB)                   PDF (355kB)                  HTML
  • ITS University Workshop (Zammit)
    PowerPoint (867kB)                    PDF (359kB)                  HTML
  • ITS University Workshop (Johnson)
    PowerPoint (2.2 MB)                   PDF (2.2 MB)                 HTML
  • FDOT’s Statewide TSM&O Excellence Program (Ponnaluri)
    PowerPoint (1.2 MB)                   PDF (506kB)                  HTML
  • (One) Federal Perspective on the ITS Workforce (Schroeder)
    PowerPoint (665kB)                    PDF (359kB)                  HTML

Day 2 Presentations (September 23)

  • ITS Academic Resources (Jackson)
    PowerPoint (7.6MB)                   PDF (2.2 MB)                  HTML
  • Online Materials that can be Utilized by Universities for FREE (Frankle)
    PowerPoint (822kB)                   PDF (829kB)                  HTML
  • Other ITS PCB Resources (Jackson)
    PowerPoint (7.6 MB)                  PDF (1.7 MB)                  HTML
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers (Tierney)
    PowerPoint (721kB)                   PDF (550kB)                  HTML
  • Workforce Tools (Lowrance)
    PowerPoint (5.9 MB)                  PDF (2.1 MB)                  HTML
  • The Need (Berthaume)
    PowerPoint (43kB)                     PDF (95kB)                     HTML