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ITS Community College Workshop #1
September 20-21, 2017 | ITS America Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

About the Workshop

This workshop consisted of 1.5 days wherein educators and practitioners learned what ITS training products are currently available, worked together to identify the ITS educational needs of their students, and developed strategies to meet those needs. Workshop attendees participated in presentations, break-out sessions, and interactive exercises designed to foster the exchange of information, ideas, and best practices in community college-level ITS education and preparation of students for today’s workforce needs. Attendees participated in person or virtually via web room and teleconference line.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Define and understand the current/future education needs for ITS technical position in the workforce.
  2. Identify and discuss existing tools from the ITS PCB Program and partners that colleges can use to help build the necessary ITS capacity in students.
  3. Openly discuss and document additional best practices in ITS education, as identified by educators.
  4. Define unmet educational needs.
  5. Brainstorm potential solutions from the ITS PCB Program and partners to fill the unmet needs.

Day 1 Presentations (September 20)

  • National Operations Center of Excellence (Lavrenz)
    PowerPoint (8.2 MB)                      PDF (555kB)                   HTML
  • Current ITS Technician Job Postings (Chisholm)
    PowerPoint (1.4 MB)                      PDF (781kB)                   HTML
  • National Transportation Career Pathways Initiative (Martin)
    PowerPoint (2.2 MB)                      PDF (844kB)                   HTML
  • Pennsylvania DOT Perspective (Tomlinson)
    PowerPoint (1.0 MB)                      PDF (578kB)                   HTML
  • Community College ITS Workshop (Johnson)
    PowerPoint (1.9 MB)                      PDF (1.9 MB)                  HTML
  • Community College ITS Workshop (Smallwood)
    PowerPoint (10.1 MB)                    PDF (4.7 MB)                  HTML
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) (Marino)
    PowerPoint (2.7 MB)                      PDF (1.8 MB)                  HTML
  • ITS PCB Community College Workshop (Sanders)
    PowerPoint (561kB)                       PDF (1.4 MB)                  HTML
  • Overview and Opportunities | Transportation Systems (Havinovinski)
    PowerPoint (12.4 MB)                    PDF (1.4 MB)                  HTML
  • ITS Community College Workshop (Knight)
    PowerPoint (1.5 MB)                      PDF (328kB)                   HTML
  • Industry Perspectives on Workforce Needs (Carter)
    PowerPoint (9.2 MB)                      PDF (1.9 MB)                   HTML

Day 2 Presentations (September 21)

  • ITS PCB Program Resources (ITS PCB Staff)
    PowerPoint (5.0 MB)                      PDF (2.3 MB)                   HTML
  • ITS Professional Capacity Building Training Resources (Alban)
    PowerPoint (70kB)                         PDF (47kB)                      HTML
  • ITE Resources for Current and Future ITS Professionals (Lavrenz)
    PowerPoint (1.9 MB)                      PDF (803kB)                    HTML
  • Transportation Tech Overview (Lefler)
    PowerPoint (13.2 MB)                    PDF (1.4 MB)                   HTML
  • ITS Joint Program Office | ITS PCB Course Plan (Poling)
    PowerPoint (866kB)                       PDF (303kB)                    HTML
  • Connected Vehicle Pilot | Tampa, Florida
    Managing Safety and Mobility Impacts in Integrated Expressway/Surface Street Networks (Johnson)
    PowerPoint (5.6 MB)                      PDF (1.4 MB)                   HTML

For more information, contact:

Michelle Noch
ITS Professional Capacity Building Program Manager
ITS Joint Program Office
U.S. Department of Transportation



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