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ITS University Workshop #5
November 8-9, 2017 | Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, Virginia

Day 1 Presentation | November 8, 2017

Overview of CTPS

Presenter: Scott Peterson
Presenter’s Org: Capital Area Transportation Study, Boston

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Slide 1: Overview of CTPS

  • CTPS Central Transportation Planning Staff, the support staff to the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).
  • We cover 101 municipalities in Eastern Massachusetts
  • 1,405 square miles
  • 3,200,000 million people
  • 1,900,000 million jobs
  • 3.8 billion dollar worth of investments over 25 years
  • 60 full-time staff and 10 temps
  • Planners, modelers, engineers, and support services
  • Most analysis done in-house, little reliance on consultants
  • Support MPO and client agencies

Slide 2: ITS Integration

  • Develop UPWP projects and study ideas that incorporate ITS technology
    • Roadway
    • Transit
  • Utilize ITS data
    • Congested Management Process (CMP)
    • Model estimation, calibration, & validation
    • Needs Assessment for Long Range Plan (LRTP)

Slide 3: Implications of Technology on Planning

  • UPWP and Client project work
    • Roadway
    • Transit
  • Data utilization for model development
    • Vehicle probe data for speeds
    • Vehicle probe data origin and destinations
    • Toll gantry fare/vehicle residence
    • Transit counts
    • Understand entry and exit points of the system
  • Planning Process
    • CV & AV technologies understanding what they are and do
    • Assumptions on utilization and impact

Slide 4: Strengths of Young Professionals

  • Appreciation of new technologies
  • New degree opportunities (Data Science) allow more majors to be tapped into
  • Traffic engineering still producing many skilled graduates
  • Most students are going for a Masters, which helps with experience when we hire them
  • Lots of students are having co-ops, allowing them to get experience

Slide 5: Challenges

  • MPOs have trouble competing for the best qualified students because of salaries
  • Our MPO requires full-time applicants to have at least a green card or be willing to work knowing we can’t sponsor them - this limits the # of candidates
  • Recent graduates have very good technical knowledge but lack the understanding of big picture and how their skills would be used in the planning process
  • Appreciation for understanding the limitations of big data linked with a strong statistical background

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