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ITS University Workshop #5
November 8-9, 2017 | Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, Virginia

Day 2 Presentation | November 9, 2017

ITE Resources for Current and Future ITS Professionals

Presenter: Steven M. Lavrenz, PhD
Presenter’s Org: Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

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The slides in this presentation include the ITE logo.

Slide 1: ITE Resources for Current and Future ITS Professionals

Steven M. Lavrenz, PhD
Institute of Transportation Engineers

Slide 2: What is ITE?

  • 15,000 members in 90+ countries
  • 10 districts, 62 sections, 30 chapters, 140 student chapters
  • 45% public sector, 45% private sector, 10% academia
  • 6 technical councils and 8 standing committees

[This slide contains a diagram of six hexagons arranged around a central hexagon (ITE Technical Councils): Traffic Engineering (Grade Crossing, Roundabout), Safety, Complete Streets (Pedestrian and Bicycle, Transit, and Optimizing Lane Widths Task Force), Management & Operations/ITS (Freight Mobility), Transportation Planning (Parking, Sustainability Task Force), and Transportation Expert Witness.]

Slide 3: How does ITE promote ITS and ITS preparedness?

  • Technical Councils
  • Task Forces
    • CV/AV Task Force
    • Smart Communities Task Force
    • Vision Zero Task Force
    • Transportation & Health Task Force
  • Contract products with U.S. DOT and partners
  • Deep collaboration with other organizations

U.S. DOT ITS Standards

  • Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC)
  • ATC Cabinet (ATCC)
  • Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD)
  • National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP)

Slide 4: ITS Standards Training Modules

  • Developed with U.S. DOT and APTA
  • Free, 90-minute modules related to implementing, operating, maintaining ITS equipment and systems
  • 51 modules for general systems, 21 additional modules for transit systems

[This slide contains a screenshot of the ITS Standards Training Modules landing page on the ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB) website.]

Slide 5: ITS ePrimer

  • Developed by U.S. DOT, ITE, ITSA
  • Online resource with 14 modules and presentations
  • Focus on overall concepts
  • Can be adapted for practitioners and educators
  • Archived webinars
    • Overview
    • Connected vehicles
    • Transit
    • Operations
    • Freight

[This slide contains a screenshot of the ITS ePrimer landing page on the ITS PCB website.]

Slide 6: ITE Student Chapter Series

  • Three-part career preparation/interest series
    • ITS: Is it the right career choice for you?
    • ITS Technologies: How do I prepare for a career?
    • ITS Grand Challenges: How can you help meet them?
  • Companion brochure with case studies

[This slide contains a screenshot of the ITS Student Chapter Series Presentation 1 page on the ITS PCB website.]

Slide 7: Student & Professional Engagement Programs

Student Leadership Summits and Leadership ITE

[This slide contains five photographs of student groups and professional staff.]

Slide 8: ITE Career Center

[This slide contains a screenshot of the ITE Career Center page on the ITE website.]

Slide 9: ITS-JPO Student Competition

  • Student ITS competition, a la “Shark Tank” TV show
  • Students are asked to solve real-world problems from DOTs
  • Live competition at 2018 ITE Annual Meeting (Minneapolis)
  • Task force organized by ITS PCB Academic Team
    • NOCoE: competition information host, provide materials, coordinate judging
    • ITE: host live competition, assist in judging, advertisement
    • ITS America: Assist in judging, advertisement
    • State/Local DOTs: Assist in judging, provide problem statements

Slide 10: Grow your career with the ITE learning hub

  • ITE Podcast Monthly Series: Thought Leaders
    • Sam Schwartz; Sam Schwartz Engineering PLLC; President, CEO + Founder
    • Susan Shaheen; Co-Director, TSRC; Director, Innovative Mobility Research
  • Webinar Categories
    • In the Know
    • Professional Skills
    • Fundamentals
    • Certifications
    • ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)
  • PDH Tracking: My Learning Hub

[This slide contains photos of Sam Schwartz and Susan Shaheen, icons for each of the webinar categories listed above, an illustration of a laptop computer, and ITE’s Learning Hub logo. ]

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ITS Professional Capacity Building Program Manager
ITS Joint Program Office
U.S. Department of Transportation



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