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ITS University Workshop #5
November 8-9, 2017 | Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, Virginia

Day 2 Presentation | November 9, 2017

National Operations Center of Excellence

Presenter: Patrick Son
Presenter’s Org: National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE)

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The slides in this presentation include the NOCoE | National Operations Center of Excellence logo.

Slide 1: National Operations Center of Excellence

Patrick Son, P.E.
Managing Director

Steven Lavrenz, Ph.D.
Technical Services Manager

[This slide contains three photos of meetings and workshops.]

Slide 2: Our Vision & Mission

  • Vision:
    Provide exceptional services to the transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) community to save lives, reduce congestion, and enhance economic vitality
  • Mission:
    Empower the TSMO community to succeed by enhancing knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Founding Partners:
    AASHTO, ITE, ITS America, FHWA

Slide 3: Genesis of the Summit

  • Workforce capabilities are recognized as an increasingly crucial component of realizing the potential of new ITS technology and TSMO applications
  • September 2015: NOCoE charged with focusing on TSMO workforce development as the centerpiece of its first strategic work program and Annual summit

Slide 4: Current State of the Industry

Three White Papers in advance of the Summit addressed the following areas:

  • Institutional context for TSMO in transportation agencies
  • Professional Capacity Building Needs vs. Available Resources
  • Recruitment, Retention and Career Development

Slide 5: Issues for the Summit to Address

Competencies, Education and Training:

  1. Pre-employment education aimed at producing TSMO generalists
  2. Pre-employment education aimed at producing key TSMO-related technical specialists
  3. Position and qualifications specifications (KSAs)
  4. Employment training programs

Recruitment, Retention and Career Development:

  1. Keeping pace with emerging trends in technology/skills
  2. Recruitment
  3. Career development
  4. Retaining top performers

Slide 6: TSMO Workforce Implementation Plan

  1. Develop a repository of Position Descriptions, KSA and Best Practices for TSMO workforce recruitment, retention and career development – Currently underway
  2. Pre-employment education aimed at producing both TSMO generalists and specialists with key support capabilities – Currently underway
  3. Post-hiring education aimed at producing TSMO professionals with key support capabilities – Currently underway
  4. Develop a strategy to elevate TSMO as a core transportation function (Institutionalization of TSMO) – Currently planning

Slide 7: TSMO Workforce Implementation Plan

1. NCHRP 20-7 Project 408 – Started

  • Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO) Workforce: Skills, Positions, Recruitment, Retention, and Career Development
  • Panel selected consultant in July, work scheduled to start soon
  • 15 month project, completion fall 2018
  • Project Scope and deliverables
    • Existing education programs and best practices for recruiting & retention
    • Position descriptions
    • KSA development
    • Strategic Management Framework for recruitment & retention
    • TSMO Workforce Guidebook

Slide 8: TSMO Workforce Implementation Plan

2. Pre-employment education aimed at producing both TSMO generalists and specialists with key support capabilities

  • Convene a forum of transportation agencies, private sector and educators
    • What are the key constraints facing educators in offering TSMO related material and successes in overcoming
    • What has been the experience of university-based entities providing technical support to DOTs?
    • Identify key opportunities for community college, undergraduate and graduate professional education to support content both for TSMO generalists (interdisciplinary) and TSM&O-related specialist disciplines
    • Identify pilot efforts that NOCoE engage in to support and promote examples of effective per-employment/hiring TSMO education and training
  • November 8th: VTTI, Cal Berkley/PATH, Florida International, U of M, South Florida, Washtenaw Community College, University of Memphis & Oregon State as participants

Slide 9: TSMO Workforce Implementation Plan

2. Pre-employment education aimed at producing both TSMO generalists and specialists with key support capabilities

  • K-12 STEM, understanding Transportation as a career pathway beyond bus drivers
  • Industry internships that integrate classroom learning to last more than 1 semester/quarter
  • Compile, prioritize and identify various actions that NOCoE can do
  • Create a space on our website to share what activities are going on to coordinate with all our partners

Slide 10: TSMO Workforce Implementation Plan

3. Post-hiring education for producing TSMO Professionals

  • Review current practices for TSMO training
  • Define an appropriate training “program” and identify elements for all KSAs for both hard and soft skills
  • Inventory and create a repository in the NOCOE EKTS for all existing training materials by topic and identify key gaps in available training for function/position function KSAs
  • Develop a modular model training program that addresses any gaps

Develop project approach that coordinates and avoids duplication

  • ITS JPO, FHWA, NCHRP 20-7 (408), National Network for the Transportation Workforce (NNTW), Career Pathways initiatives, Transportation Workforce Centers

Slide 11: 2018 TRB Student Competition

  • Joint NOCoE & TRB competition leading up to TRB Annual Meeting
  • Students submit an e-Portfolio around recent projects/examples of work in TSMO
  • Portfolios should be dynamic, engaging, reflect current and future areas of TSMO work/research
  • Two winning individuals will receive funding for travel to TRB Annual Meeting
  • Submittal deadline: November 1st, 2017
  • RECEIVED 21 e-Portfolios!!

Slide 12: “NOCoE/ITS-JPO Student Competition”

  • Student team competition to showcase using ITS for real-world TSMO problems
  • Students are asked to solve real-world problems from DOTs
  • Live competition at 2018 ITE Annual Meeting (Minneapolis)
  • Task force organized by ITS PCB Academic Team
    • NOCoE: competition information host, provide materials, coordinate judging
    • ITE: host live competition, assist in judging, advertisement
    • ITS America: Assist in judging, advertisement
    • AASHTO: Assist in judging, advertisement
    • Regional/Local DOTs: Assist in judging, provide problem statements

Slide 13: Questions?

Patrick Son, P.E., Managing Director

Steven Lavrenz, Ph.D., Technical Services Manager

[This slide contains a screenshot of the NOCoE website home page.]

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