ITS in Academics

ITS University Workshop #4
September 22-23, 2016 | ITS America Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Day 2 Presentation | September 23, 2016

Institute of Transportation Engineers

Presenter: Lisa Fontana Tierney
Presenter's Org: Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

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The slides in this presentation are branded with the ITE logo.

Slide 1: Institute of Transportation Engineers

[Lisa Fontana Tierney,
Traffic Engineering Sr. Director]

[This slide contains a large ITE logo.]

Slide 2: ITE Today

  • Founded in 1930
  • Nearly 13,000 members worldwide
  • Split:
    • 45% public sector
    • 45% private sector
    • 10% academics and students

[This slide contains an orange circle with the words “Numbers and History” inside it.

Slide 3: ITE Today


  • 10 Districts
  • 62 Sections
  • 30 Chapters
  • 140 Student Chapters
  • 9 Councils and 7 Committees
  • 90 Countries

[This slide contains a blue circle with the words “District Sections Chapters” inside it.]

Slide 4: ITS Career Resources

Sponsored by the USDOT JPO

Presentation Series:

  • ITS: Is it the Right Career Choice for You?
  • ITS Technologies: How Do I Prepare For a Career?
  • ITS Grand Challenges: How Can You Help Meet Them?


  • Intelligent Transportation Systems: Career Possibilities - Three Real World Cases

FREE at:

Slide 5: ITS ePrimer

Sponsored by the USDOT JPO

  • On-line resource with 14 modules and PPs
  • Practitioner tool and text for educators
  • 4 recorded Webinars produced in May 2016


[This slide contains the ITS PCB ePrimer logo.]

Slide 6: Student Chapters

[This slide contains two photos: (1) two rows of ITE members posing outside in matching tee shirts at the ITE Leadership Summit, Cal Poly Pomona in January of 2016 and (2) three young men celebrating behind a horizontal traffic light during the ITE Traffic Bowl Grand Championship at the 2015 ITE Annual Meeting.]

Slide 7: ITE Career Center

ITE has the talent.
The ITE Career Center is your online resource for qualified Transportation Professionals.

[This slide contains a photo of two men shaking hands in an industrial-looking structure, silhouetted in front of a sunset.]

Slide 8: Contact Info

Lisa Fontana Tierney
202-785-0060 (116)

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For more information, contact:

Michelle Noch
ITS Professional Capacity Building Program Manager
ITS Joint Program Office
U.S. Department of Transportation



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