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Welcome to the ITS Video Library, a collection of videos that show how Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies are being used to solve the nation's transportation problems. The ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB) Program wants to help you learn about ITS technologies and encourages you to explore the collection to learn how your peers are using ITS to solve transportation problems.

Connected Vehicle

Connected vehicle research now underway aims to build a robust technical platform that will enable the vision of a national, multi-modal transportation system featuring a connected transportation environment among vehicles, the infrastructure, and passengers' portable devices. This connected environment will leverage technology to maximize safety, mobility, and environmental performance.

Connected Vehicles and the Future of Transportation

This video discusses the basics of connected and automated vehicles, applications and technologies used in connected vehicle deployments, and the policy and technical issues public agencies face as they prepare for connected vehicles. Shelley Row presents.

Connected Vehicle Technology Explained

Video on the future of connected vehicle technology shot, written and edited by Erin O'Connor for Automotive News

Connected Vehicle Demonstrations

Video describes effort of eight automakers who have been collaborating with the U.S. Department of Transportation on a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system

ITS Explained

Mississippi State University description of intelligent transportation systems

Current Research

These videos focus on short-term, mode-specific federal research programs that are expected to further the USDOT's goal of leveraging technology to maximize safety, mobility, and environmental performance. Learn how to implement an integrated corridor in your area or maximize your public transportation dollars through the use of advanced vehicle navigation and trip planning tools.

I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility (ICM) Project

The ICM project proposes to implement ramp metering and incident management along I-80 from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Toll Plaza in Alameda County to the Carquinez Bridge in Contra Costa County. Sponsored by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC).

Transit and Open Bank Card Payments

Amy Linden of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority talks about the market drivers and implementation of open payments in the New York City transit system.

Transportation Coordination and Customer Experience (part 1)

ITS technologies provide the needed boost to coordinate transportation among human service agencies for Mobility Services for All Americans.

Transportation Coordination and the Customer Experience (Part 2)

Description of ITS tools that further transportation coordination among human service agencies to improve customer service for Mobility Services for All Americans

Building Smarter Highways - Active Traffic Management

An introduction to Washington State Department of Transportation's Active Traffic Management (ATM) program

Existing Technologies

ITS technologies are now everywhere. From Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) found throughout the highway infrastructure, to automated fare collection in tolling and transit, ITS technologies have made transportation safer, smarter, and greener. These videos show ITS in action across the country and share lessons learned from the frontlines of implementation.

DalTrans' Traffic Management Center

DalTrans' complete intelligent transportation system includes approximately 200 Texas Department of Transportation cameras along more than 100 miles of roadway. In addition, commuters have access to vital safety and real-time travel information through dynamic message signs, the Internet at, or traffic reports they hear on the radio or they see on television.

Digital Messaging Signs

Wyoming Department of Transportation's (WYDOT's) dynamic message signs help keep motorists safe by giving them information on road conditions and other events. Featuring - Vince Garcia, Manager ITS/GIS, WYDOT - Cheyenne and Kevin Cox, ITS, WYDOT - Cheyenne.

Gregory Presents: On the Bus with Transit ITS Technology

Follow Bob, a fixed-route transit operator, as ITS technology works to automate many of his manual tasks for a simplified workload, and on-board schedule adherence alerts help keep him on time. See how an ITS solution integrates with technology on the bus, such as LED signs and voice annunciators, to further enhance the transit experience for passengers.

Kansas City Scout Ramp Meters on I-435

Ramp meters are special traffic signals that regulate the rate at which vehicles enter the freeway from the on-ramps. The meters help decrease traffic congestion by maximizing the flow on I-435 between Metcalf Avenue and the Three Trails Memorial Crossing (formerly the Grandview Triangle). They also enhance KC Scout's existing system of cameras, pavement sensors, and electronic message signs.

Michigan Department of Transportation's (MDOT's) Road Weather Information System

Garrett Dawe, North Region ITS Coordinator/Pavement Management Engineer, introduces MDOT's Road Weather Information System (RWIS). This video explains the use of networked Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS) to monitor atmospheric and road surface conditions. The goal is to better manage winter maintenance activities and provide more travel information to motorists.

Florida Intelligent Transportation System Uses Blue Diamond HDPE

Profiles how transportation is managed as a system at Florida's SunGuide Transportation Management Center (TMC).

Traffic Signal Timing in Surprise, Arizona

The use of Intelligent Transportation Systems by the city of Surprise, AZ Transportation Management Center is described.

Foundational Topics

These videos provide advanced transportation knowledge and education that set the foundation for professionals to plan, procure, deploy, and maintain multiple ITS technologies in their transportation system. Upgrade your skills by taking an online ITS course today.

FHWA/NHI Introduction to Systems Engineering Course

An on-line interactive course on the Systems Engineering Process

How GPS Works

The GPS network and how gravity affects time and space. The military operations needed behind the system to keep it in check.

Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC)

DSRC technology makes it possible to automate data collection about traffic and roadway status using probe vehicles.

Intelligent Transportation Systems: Your Road to the Future

From the University of Minnesota Transportation Center, this video explores careers in intelligent transportation systems (ITS).