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Case Studies

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The ITS PCB Program is pleased to offer higher education instructors a new learning resource for the classroom. The ITS Case Study is a scenario-based learning tool that exposes students to real-world decisions that come with planning, deploying, and operating ITS technologies.

There are currently three case studies:

  • Adaptive Signal Control
  • National ITS Architecture
  • Travel Time Based Performance Measures

Why Case Studies?

Results from the PCB Program's 2012 University Partners Workshop and webinar indicated that faculty supported U.S. DOT-sponsored case studies as a method for incorporating ITS content into existing Civil and Transportation Engineering courses. Case Studies expose students to ITS-related scenarios, from the perspective of different job roles, within transportation organizations. This exposure gives students an understanding of what it means to work as ITS professionals.

How to Access the Case Studies

ITS Case Studies are organized by instructor files (PowerPoints and PDFs of Word documents) and student files. Both sets of files include a study guide, a presentation on the technology, the actual case study, and the case study debrief.

  • Instructors must register to gain access to the instructor files.
  • Student files are available for anyone to view.

Each Case Study requires a separate registration.

Adaptive Signal Control Case Study
Instructor Files
Adaptive Signal Control
Student Files
Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems and Adaptive Signal Control Technologies
Case Study take home packet
In-class debrief
National ITS Architecture Case Study
Instructor Files
National ITS Architecture
Student Files
Component 2: National ITS Architecture Exercise
Travel Time Based Performance Measures Case Study
Instructor Files
Travel Time-Based Performance Measures
Student Files
Travel Time-Based Performance Measures presentation
Travel Time-Based Performance Measures class problem

*508-compliant HTML versions of the Student Files are currently in development. They will be posted when completed. If you have questions, please contact Gerry Flood at