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  Connected and Automated Vehicle Support Services

The Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Support Services provide infrastructure owner operators (IOOs), equipment manufacturers, and device vendors with technical assistance and equipment loans during CAV deployments. By providing knowledge and equipment, the services advance CAV deployments without any cost for users. We provide support to all levels of users, including IOOs interested in testing CAV technologies as they consider deployment, vendors interested in bench testing time and space at the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, and organizations in the later stages of CAV deployment, such as the Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot Sites.

   Equipment Loan Program

The Equipment Loan Program provides a CAV user with the opportunity to become familiar with the types of equipment typically used in CV deployment. Available equipment includes:

  • Roadside Units (RSUs).
  • On Board Units (OBUs).
  • Packet Sniffers.
  • Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) and Map Message Test Devices.

   Help Desk

The Help Desk provides technical assistance during CAV testing and deployments, including:

  • Device Configuration Support.
    • Output review – assistance with submission of case and review of logs.
    • J2735 messages – assistance with interpretations of standard, content, and structure.
  • Map/Traveler Information Message (TIM) Tool Application Support.
    • First-level support for questions or issues related to Map/TIM generation tools.
  • Device Testing Support.
    • Dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) wireless sniffer access.
    • Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) location support.
    • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) assistance.
  • Infrastructure Implementation Support.
    • IPv6 network design recommendations.
    • Physical installation guidance.
  • Security Support.
    • Network security guidance.
    • Security Credential Management System (SCMS) questions and updates.
  • V2X Hub.

  Submit a support ticket at

For more information, email

For more information, contact:

Michelle Noch
ITS Professional Capacity Building Program Manager
ITS Joint Program Office
U.S. Department of Transportation



Technical Assistance is available to Federal, State and local transportation agencies through:

ITS Peer Program - The ITS Peer-to-Peer Program puts you in touch with technical experts or experienced peers.

ITS Help Line - The ITS Help Line provides technical support by email or telephone at 866-367-7487.


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