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ITS Standards Training?

Agencies that use standards in their ITS deployments have a greater capacity to share data and coordinate transportation services across different surface transportation modes. These 90-minute training modules discuss topics and content related to purchasing, testing, implementing, and operating standards-based ITS equipment and systems. Take these modules at your own pace and gain valuable skills that can benefit your career and improve the efficiency of your agency’s ITS systems. Read more.

ITS Standards Training Modules

The ITS Professional Capacity Building Program (ITS PCB) is pleased to offer FREE ITS standards training. The 56-module series is for practitioners in state and local highway agencies and transit agencies who seek the skills needed to procure, test, implement, and operate standards-based ITS systems and devices. Consultants, system designers, integrators, and testers will also find the training informative.

In addition to the 56-module series, the ITS PCB Program has developed a 21-module training series that focuses exclusively on standards used in transit applications. Similar to the 56-modules series, the transit modules give practitioners the skills to help them effectively procure and utilize standards used in transit sytems and devices.

Get started with the 56-module training series ➜

Get started with the 21-module transit training series ➜