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About the ITS Professional Capacity Building Program

PCB's Role


The ITS PCB Program works with the managers of the ITS Program's research programs to devise, coordinate, and implement outreach and technology transfer activities. These activities keep transportation stakeholders informed about the progress in research and advances in ITS technologies and how they can be applied to solve real-world transportation challenges.

The ITS PCB Program has worked successfully to bring emerging results from the ITS Test Beds, the Integrated Corridor Management, and Active Transportation Demand Management research programs to the wider transportation community through partnerships to deliver training at ITS America state chapter meetings and the T3 webinar program.

The USDOT is currently engaged in an ambitious technology transfer effort to move the results of its connected vehicle research program into implementation by private industry and public transportation agencies. The ITS PCB Program is assisting in this effort by highlighting demonstrations of connected vehicle concepts and technologies, developing T3 webinars on lessons learned from the ITS Test beds and model deployment, and collecting audience needs for future connected vehicle training.