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Knowledge Exchange

ITS ePrimer Acknowledgements

Project Management Team (Sorted Alphabetically by Last Name)

Deirdre Carrigan, USDOT Volpe Center
Lisa Fontana Tierney, Institute of Transportation Engineers
David Jackson, USDOT Volpe Center
Michelle Noch, USDOT ITS Professional Capacity Building
Pat Noyes, Pat Noyes & Associates
Niloo Parvinashtiani, Institute of Transportation Engineers
Deborah Rouse, Institute of Transportation Engineers
Patrick Son, Gannett Fleming

Volunteer Expert Reviewers

Scott Smith
Dan Smith
Abby Morgan
Christina Gikakis
Phil Masters
David Kobayashi
Susan Shaheen
Eric Gonzales
Thomas Kelly
Tom Kearney
Bill Eisele
John Berg
Daniel Murray
Kirk Claussen
Jeff Loftus
Marwan Madi
Susie Serres
Joe Gregory
Jim Hunt

Ralph Volpe
Kristin Tufte
Rich Taylor
Tara Reel
Walter During
Paul Jodoin
Eileen Singleton
John Contestable
Bob Brydia
Tony Coventry
James Austrich
Faisal Saleem
Ben Williams
John Harding
Jianming Ma
Gwo-Wei Torng
Isaac Takyi
John Corbin

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) ePrimer

For more information, contact:

Michelle Noch
ITS Professional Capacity Building Program Manager
ITS Joint Program Office
U.S. Department of Transportation


Technical Assistance is available to Federal, State and local transportation agencies through:

ITS PCB Peer Exchange Program - An ITS PCB Peer Exchange puts you in touch with technical experts or experienced peers.

ITS Help Line - The ITS Help Line provides technical support by email or telephone at 866-367-7487.


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