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Talking Transportation Technology (T3) Webinar Archive

Welcome to the T3 Webinar Archive! This archive contains over 100 recordings of past T3 and T3e Webinars. The archive also includes links to ITS-related webinars produced by ITS PCB partners, including the Institute of Transportation Engineers, ITS America, and the National Operations Center of Excellence. These recordings are a great way to get up to date quickly on a broad range of ITS topics.

A T3 Webinar consists of the following:

  • Audio playback
  • Presentations delivered in the webinar
  • Transcript of the webinar's question and answer discussion
  • Webinar announcement, containing the description, learning objectives, and biographies of presenters

If you have any questions about the archive or suggestions about future T3 Webinar topics, please contact us.

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Webinar TitleWebinar DateSponsor
Signal Timing Optimization Using Connected Vehicle Technology08/13/2018T3e
Modeling Dispatchers Managing Intelligent Transportation Systems07/18/2018T3e
Transportation Cyber-Physical Security: Things We Should Know05/10/2018T3e
FHWA National Dialogue on Highway Automation: Introductory Webinar05/08/2018T3
Leveraging the State Crash Report to Improve Responder Safety & TIM: Implementing Good Practices in Crash Form Updates & Use04/03/2018T3
Energy-Efficient Adaptive Cruise Control for Electric Connected and Autonomous Vehicles03/08/2018T3e
Are Autonomous Vehicles Safe? Understanding What’s Already Here and What Needs to Happen02/06/2018T3e
Traffic Incident Management-Part 212/14/2017T3
Advances in Modeling Transportation Supply and Demand: Coupling Activity-Based Travel Demand Modeling from Cellular Data with Agent-Based Modeling of Traveler Behavior and System Operations12/12/2017T3e
Introducing FTA’s Strategic Transit Automation Research (STAR) Plan12/05/2017T3

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