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Talking Transportation Technology (T3) Webinar Archive

Welcome to the T3 Webinar Archive! This archive contains over 60 recordings of past T3 Webinars. The archive also includes links to ITS-related webinars produced by ITS PCB partners, including the National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC). These recordings are a great way to get up to date quickly on a broad range of ITS topics.

A T3 Webinar consists of the following:

  • Audio playback
  • Presentations delivered in the webinar
  • Transcript of the webinar's question and answer discussion
  • Webinar announcement, containing the description, learning objectives, and biographies of presenters

If you have any questions about the archive or suggestions about future T3 Webinar topics, please contact us.

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Webinar TitleDate of WebinarSponsor
Supporting Freight Operations with ITS08/03/2016T3
Automation in Europe: Update on Activities in the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom06/27/2016T3
Network-Wide Impacts of Connected Vehicles on Mobility: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach06/16/2016T3
Sustainable Urban Traffic Management Using Advanced Technologies05/26/2016T3
Adapting to Climate Change Using Intelligent Transportation Systems05/10/2016T3
Give Your Customers More Mobility Options! Utilizing Technology in Coordinated Human Services Transportation Systems04/14/2016T3
Transportation Characterizing Bikeshare Usage with Network Modeling Techniques and GTFS-Enabled Spatiotemporal Analysis of Transit Services04/13/2016T3
Transportation Management Center (TMC) Video Best Practices03/16/2016T3
Automated Vehicles and Policy03/01/2016T3
Crash Investigation and Reconstruction Technologies and Best Practices12/16/2015T3